Friday, December 21, 2007

Ukrop's not HAMpered by last-minute Christmas request....

My brother-in-law is a general contractor with a large commercial builder currently working on a job in Charlottesville which causes him to commute daily from Chesterfield. This morning his Christmas cheer was almost sidelined but Ukrop's Supermarkets came to the rescue....

This post is not a slam on Kroger but, rather, a tribute to Ukrop's because they go over and beyond the call of duty. They also prove that shopping the local "mom-and-pop" stores often provides better service than the chain stores whose employees may not be invested in the company.

My brother-in-law ordered 30 hams ($900) from Kroger last week with instructions that they were to be picked up at 7:00 this morning. These were Christmas gifts for his employees on this last day of work before the long Christmas weekend.

When he arrived at Kroger's this morning there were no hams ready and no manager available (the manager was supposed to be there at 7:00). Crunched and needing to hit the road to Charlottesville, he sat in his company truck in the parking lot and called Ukrop's ... yes, they had 30 hams. He arrived 20-30 minutes later to pick them up.

Ukrop's not only had the hams boxed and the ticket written up ... but he was given an unasked-for discount at the register.

Service. That is what is often missing in today's society ... but service has always been a priority at Ukrop's, a store my family has shopped at since the 1960s.

My sister emailed to tell the story, adding that she told him to drive safely to Charlottesville or he would be on the news ... can you see the headline?
"Breaking News! Hams spilled all over I-64 are creating a 2-mile backup."
Thanks, Sis, for my laugh-out-loud of the day!

Ukrop's ... a family-owned business that is still owned and run by the family ... and it shows in their service and commitment to the community.


Staff said...

Yes, Ukrops really is the best. Their prepared foods are great, but you nailed it when you said the key is good service. They really go the extra mile.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

That's why I shop at Ukrop's (I also go to church with some of the Ukrop family and they are stand up people right down the line) This is a great story for the Holiday's and your Brother-in-law should be commended as well for getting the hams to begin with...very nice gesture

Anonymous said...

Ukrop's does have excellent customer service, etc. The only drawback it that their prices are much higher than their competitors.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

I shop their sales ... but the bottom line is true of shopping anywhere: You get what you pay for. Ukrop's is clean, helpful, and they are appreciative of their customers.