Thursday, December 13, 2007

RTD: "American Jihad"

Dozens of people were trampled to death yesterday in cities across America as Christians outraged by a Hollywood movie took to the streets.

Provoked by The Golden Compass, a film based on a book trilogy by a British atheist whose stated aim is to "undermine the basis of Christian belief," thousands of militant Christians marched through New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Amid chants of "God is great," they demanded death for the movie's producer, director, and star Nicole Kidman, as well as for the author of the trilogy, Philip Pullman.

Burning cars, looting buildings, and promising to wage holy war against anyone who insults Christianity, the . . .

Oh, wait. Outraged Christians apparently haven't done anything of the sort. They have done nothing but call the movie offensive, and urge one another not to watch it. That seems like a pretty mature and civilized response.

Never mind.

-- Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial, December 10, 2007
[Emphasis mine]

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