Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Far-left horror stories....

John Gibson on Fox News' "The Big Story" had the following as today's "My Word":
The producer of my radio shows calls these four stories "far-left horror":

First, Gen. Barry McCaffrey returns from Iraq and tells his employers at NBC that the surge is awesome and couldn’t be going better. This is bad for the far left, because NBC was so reliably on the side of people who said the surge was a failure before it began.

Second, Iraq has disappeared as a campaign issue. The left was counting on sweeping the GOP into the dustbin of history over the Iraq war and all of a sudden, because it's going fairly well, nobody wants to talk about it because nobody wants to hear about it.

Third, Iraqis crowded Christian churches yesterday, on Jesus's birthday. The secularists in this country are uncomfortable learning that when people are free they sometimes go to churches... And, just by the way, prominent Shia and Sunni clerics showed up to support the Christians on their important holiday.

Fourth, a new Gallup poll: President Bush is the most admired man of 2007. Gallup must not do any polling in homes that watch NBC. Everybody on the left knows that George Bush is the devil. —Hugo Chavez said so. So how did this happen? Oops! Maybe the mood of the country isn't as the far left would wish it.

The lesson out of all of this is that being sure of yourself is essential to good political debate, but going out on a limb, even if you're certain of your own judgment, is often a loser.

If you paid any attention to the media over the last few months, or the year, you'd know that all these stories were played opposite: the war is going badly — in fact we're losing — the Dems will ride into office on a wave of anti-war feeling, Iraqis of different faiths just want to kill each other, and Bush is hated. So now that the truth is known, will the media that peddled these lies take it all back?

Don't hold your breath.

That's My Word.
It is so good to have a media source to get the news out that the mainstream media sits on....

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