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Who says the New York Times doesn’t have a comic section?

NY Times readers were this morning (Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007) greeted to a full page cartoon masquerading as a serious issue advertisement courtesy of After previously playing schoolyard name games with General Patraeus, MoveOn spent tens of thousands of dollars (assuming the Times didn’t give it another friendly “discount”) to make a mockery of the situation in Iran. Titled “The Washington Follies,” MoveOn’s latest embarrassment features President Bush and Karl Rove as cartoon characters plotting to start a war with Iran.

What’s next, MoveOn whoopee cushions to raise awareness of global warming?

More to the point, the issue of Iran’s nuclear weapons program is far from settled. The NIE itself makes clear that Iran could quickly restart its weapons program (provided, of course, that it really has stopped it). Additionally, both Israel and the British strongly disagree with the NIE’s assessment that Iran has ceased its pursuit of nuclear weapons. In short, it would be foolish to risk American security by taking the pressure off Iran based on this one report.

Maybe MoveOn could do another cartoon depicting Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad going on about a world without America, denying the Holocaust, or threatening to wipe Israel off the map. Oh wait, that wouldn’t be a cartoon – that would be real life.

This sophomoric rant from MoveOn is another example why reasonable Americans reject its far-left message – and why both the U.S. House and Senate voted to condemn it!

Hey, MoveOn: See you in the funny papers!

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