Monday, June 22, 2009

ABC (News) = All Barack Channel

With the upcoming ABC News infomercial about universal health care broadcasting from the Democrat White House this week, more and more people are writing about the decline of journalism and the cozy deal between Obama's administration and ABC News. Doug Patton at GOPUSA editorialized:
During the 1990s, conservatives referred to CNN as the "Clinton News Network" based on the fact that crazy old Ted Turner's news station was so ridiculously biased in favor of the Clinton White House that no honest person could deny it. Now, as Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has sardonically pointed out, ABC has become the "All Barack Channel."

The American Broadcasting Company, as it was known back when it still pretended to be fair and balanced, has gone far beyond the days of CNN's fawning coverage of the felon-in-chief, his choleric bride and the gang that couldn't lie straight. The mainstream media is so in love with Barack Obama that they continually try to one-up each other in their sycophantic coverage of their new president. But ABC has raised the stakes by taking up residence in the White House for a day in order to spew the Official Party Line on health care.
I don't want to hear whining from Democrats about Fox News Channel where a continuous presence of Democrats representing the other side of the issue is on display. It's called debate ... what ABC News is doing is called propaganda.

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