Friday, June 19, 2009

Richmond Tea Party to protest ABC ObamaCare infomercial

On, Wednesday June 24th, ABC will spend the day with Obama in the White House promoting Obama's Nationalized Health Care Agenda. A one hour prime time broadcast without any serious opposition will be aired.

Tea party and other like-minded groups across the nation are planning protests at their local ABC affiliates on June 24th. The Richmond protest is organized by local 912project groups.

Please Join Richmond Tea Party at this important protest.

Date: Wednesday, June 24th
Location: 301 Arboretum Place, Richmond 23236
Time: All Day
What to Bring: Signs
When you make your signs, you might want to emphasize:
-- Health Care
-- Freedom of the Press
-- States Rights as Health

H/T to Tertium Quids


edgycater said...

That is great! The All Barack Company needs to feel the heat over this one. Party like it's 1773!

zen said...

Did you protest and cry foul when Fox News was granted "unprecedented" access to the White House with W?

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Never happened, Zen, and you are smart enough to know that. Interviews of President Bush by Fox News, yes. Unprecendented access by broadcasting the evening newscast from the White House as well as commercial-free infomercial on behalf of the president? Never happened.

Anonymous said...

"Never happened, Zen, and you are smart enough to know that."

You sure about that? Its not just the broadcast from the WH...they're even refusing PAID ADS by the opposition. But hey, there's no lib media bias...I'm sure the same would've been done for a Republican.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Perhaps my remark should have been that Zen should be smart enough to know that. His attempt to divert from the reality of partisan politics in a way I've not seen in my lifetime is not working.

Commercial-free airtime and refusal of paid ads before or after the program is unprecedented. That's what I call propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Patriots!

Politigal said...

There was a protest in Houston too. See

We can't allow the media to be a mouthpiece for a president. Debate is vital to our future.

Glad that you guys protested.