Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Augusta Board of Supervisors ... spending out of control?

At a time when many Augusta County residents are struggling with lost jobs and economic hard times, the Board of Supervisors seems determined to continue spending county funds on projects that may be deemed "wants" instead of "needs."

A newly created $69,000-a-year economic development director's job was recently voted on by supervisors even as 18 employees at the Government Center were losing their jobs due to cutbacks. There are so many questions and so much information to share about that issue that more will be in a separate post.

Today's Waynesboro News Virginian provides details about a proposed $2.4 million renovation project on the county's Fishersville library, a project being pushed by Supervisor David Beyeler. However, Supervisor Tracy Pyles questioned the prudence of such a project in these economic hard times. That's $2.4 MILLION -- the county has less than $600,000 set aside for the project. A new children's wing was completed last year that added computers and 4,000 square feet of new space.

Also discussed at yesterday's staff meeting was matching funds of $29,225 for a Ruritan Club ball field in New Hope. That would be a total of $58,450 to improve a dirt recreational playing field for children after school. Again, citizens have tightened their belts so is that the best use of hard-earned tax money?

"Needs" versus "wants" ... the county should take a hard look at its spending.

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