Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flip-flopping Obama gets pass from MSM

If President George W. Bush had backtracked on issues like Barack Obama does, the MSM would have howled with glee as they excoriated him once again in their hate-hate relationship with the 43rd president.

Obama backpedals on private health care and do we hear a peep? Vicki at Frugal Cafe picks up on the hypocrisy by bringing to light Obama's flip-flop on private health care versus universal health care. As she notes:
Wow, it didn’t take long for a “pay no attention to that shyster behind the curtain” moment, did it? It’s a Chicago back-alley shell game, with our health and health care insurance and our choice of medical providers and trillions of taxpayer dollars, all being shuffled about under walnut shells… very suspicious. And troubling.

What’s with President Obama saying one thing one day, and the next day, it turns out to not be true? In our house, we call that LYING. In the White House, it’s “rhetoric that shouldn’t be taken literally.”
And with a Bush White House the MSM would have made it front page headlines.

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Anonymous said...

The "MSM" - and the idea that there is a monolithic entity is a myth promulgated by "hefty" white "entertainers" on talk radio and TV.