Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Richmond protest of ABC's Obama infomercial big success

"Great job, Patriots!"

So said Tom White of Virginia Right, our boots-on-the-ground blogger in Richmond with photos and update on the Richmond Tea Party protest by a couple hundred folks (and growing) holding signs protesting ABC News' broadcast of Barack Obama's universal health care proposal. Without voices from the other side, it was a one-sided presentation (propaganda) and all offers by anti-universal health care proponents, even for paid advertising, were rebuked by ABC News.

Tom wrote:
"I took a few photos of the crowd and enjoyed the positive atmosphere of change in the right direction advocated by all."
Great job, indeed. Thanks Richmond-Chesterfield for standing up!


Anonymous said...

Video of ABC protest part 1 is located at:

Part 2 is located at:

Tom White said...

I missed SWAC Girl's Mom, but met some great people from Chesterfield, where I lived 26 years ago. Spoke to a few from CCRC. Also, many like minded folks I already knew. Perfect night, too. Hats off to Daren Gardner.