Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dave Letterman backpedals ... Sarah not backing down

Sarah Palin is not backing down after a tasteless joke was delivered by David Letterman earlier this week about her 14-year-old daughter during an opening monologue on his late-night show.

The New York Daily News reported:

The CBS funnyman joked Monday of Palin's recent New York visit that "during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

Palin was incensed.

"Laughter incited by sexually perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is ... disgusting," the Alaska governor said in a statement.

The former GOP veep nominee's 14-year-old daughter, Willow, was the only Palin child to attend the game at Yankee Stadium.

Alaska's First Dude, Todd Palin, said "any 'jokes' about raping my 14-year-old are despicable."
David Letterman said he wasn't "joking" about Willow but about Gov. Palin's 18-year-old daughter, Bristol, instead ... as if that made a difference in a "knock-up" joke.

The New York Daily Times has a poll up asking the following question:
Was Sarah Palin right to be angry at David Letterman for his joke about her daughter?

-- Yes, the joke was tasteless and inappropriate.
-- No, it was a joke, get over it.
Amazingly, by late afternoon the results of the poll showed 84% saying, "Yes, the joke was tasteless and inappropriate" while only 16% said, "No, it was a joke, get over it."

Many have questioned the wisdom of making a sex joke about a 14-year-old girl, wondering if David Letterman or others would joke about the Obama daughters in that way or any number of children of famous/political people.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is an attention whore. She is loving this.

Anonymous said...

Um, no. The first anon is obviously just some dumb lib.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has every right to go to a game. The media is the one putting her in the spoylight you stupid idiot. Would you like someone making a crass and disgusting joke about your child you ignorant pig????

Anonymous said...

her kid is fair play. she isn't running, and she politicizes herself by speaking at pro life events. sorry you guys are all too in experienced in the political life to get it.

and ha ha at you guys thinking she doesn't love this attention. she will do anything for it. it's the only thing she has left. except a retarded baby.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous 9:40 represents the views from the big tent of liberals/Democrats -- the Party of tolerance. This comment is childish, at best.

Anonymous said...

Chlidish? At best they were the vile musings of a low-life cretin. But, it certainly is true that it is representative of the true heart and soul of that party of tolerance.