Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fired Inspector General fires back

Barack Obama is proving that anyone who gets in his way is gone. The latest casualty is Inspector General Gerald Walpin whose reputation is now being smeared after he blew the whistle on someone who ended up being a big Obama supporter. Powerline reports:
Fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin has responded aggressively to new claims by the Obama administration that he was fired from his job because he was "confused," and, perhaps, senile. Byron York records Walpin's response, which is, to say the least, coherent, much more than we can say for Obama's ever-shifting stories about why he fired an Inspector General who caused trouble for a prominent supporter of the administration. Byron himself notes that Walpin exhibits no sign of any "confusion:"
The White House suggestion that Walpin, who is 77 years old, is somehow mentally not up to his job and cannot perform his duties has caused great skepticism among Republicans on Capitol Hill. GOP investigators have talked to Walpin and found him entirely sharp and focused. "

He has been collected and coherent," says one investigator. "What the White House described is not the experience that we have had in dealing with him." (That is also my own experience, having talked with Walpin for a total of about two hours since the weekend.) In addition, Walpin has also performed well in recent high-profile media appearances.
This is classic Obama: an Inspector General investigates how a non-profit in Sacramento uses AmeriCorps funds and finds that the head of the organization, a prominent Obama supporter, used a lot of the money to pay recipients to wash his car, run errands for him, etc. The Inspector General blows the whistle, and promptly finds himself in Obama's crosshairs.
Since the mainstream media is not questioning Obama's moves, the hope is citizen journalists and conservative talk show hosts will continue investigating the many questionable decisions coming from the White House.

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