Thursday, June 25, 2009

New McDonnell ad ... "Resurgence"

FREDERICKSBURG- Bob McDonnell, Republican gubernatorial nominee and former Attorney General of Virginia, visited Jabberwocky Children's Books in Fredericksburg today to unveil a number of proposals aimed at assisting Virginia's small business owners.

McDonnell was joined at the bookstore by store owners Mona Albertine and Linda Pisenti, and State Senator Ryan McDougle (R-Hanover). The small business policy proposals come at the same time that McDonnell is airing a new television commercial focused on his commitment to working across party lines to bring new jobs and more opportunities to every region of Virginia, and help Virginia's small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The McDonnell small business policy proposals unveiled include:
· Commit Virginia Government to Approve Most Routine Business Applications within 48 Hours

· Significantly enhancethe "The Virginia Business One Stop" website into a "First and Only Stop" by increasing the information,resources, and assistance available to ensure that only one stop is necessary to get a new business up and running with minimal delay

· Update and combine Virginia's four different small business guides into one user-friendly document: "How to Start or Expand a Business"

· Work with Virginia localities to get all necessary paperwork and forms for small business start ups online

· Fast track the permit process for small businesses

· Make it easier for businesses in good standingthat are expanding within Virginia, or moving into the state, to operate under temporary licenseswhile awaiting official approval

· Promote Virginia as the "Best State in America in Which to Open a Small Business"

McDonnell will make further small business policy proposals in the months ahead.

Speaking about his focus on helping Virginia's small business owners and creating new jobs, Bob McDonnell remarked, "Small businesses are the backbone of Virginia's economy. 97.5% of Virginia's businesses are small businesses. These small businesses account for approximately 75% of new job growth in the Commonwealth. And total employment by small businesses is roughly 55% of the job force in Virginia. A small business really represents the dream come true of the owner. That individual has dared to take a risk and open up a small business. In so doing they employ their fellow citizens, add needed revenue to state and local coffers, and strengthen the fabric of their communities. We need a resurgence of this entrepreneurial spirit in the Commonwealth. As Governor I will make Virginia the best state in American in which to open a small business. And I will make Virginia the most business friendly state in America for small business owners. This will lead to new jobs and more opportunities in every region of Virginia."

Mona Albertine, the owner of Jabberwocky Children's Book Store, noted at today's event, "Bob McDonnell understands the importance of small businesses like Jabberwocky and what we do for our local economy. Anything that can be done to help streamline and expedite the process for future small business owners is very much appreciated."

Ms. Albertine's comments were echoed by Thomas Johnson, of Thomas A. Johnson Furniture Co, Inc. in Lynchburg, who remarked, "It's refreshing to learn that Bob McDonnell will stand up for the little guy and not only encourage small business development across Virginia, but also remove the bureaucratic red tape so that future entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to truly live the American Dream."

Gary Barlow, who owns Frank's Trucking Center in Chesapeake, commented, "In an economy where every little bit helps, it's nice to know that we will have someone in the governor's mansion that will make our life a little bit easier. As a small business owner, I commend Mr. McDonnell for understanding the pivotal role we play in the communities we serve. Anything he can do to limit government involvement and make it easier for small business owners to open and maintain their establishment is a big win for all Virginians."

McDonnell's latest television advertisement, "Resurgence," continues his focus on creating new jobs, helping small business owners, and bringing more opportunities to every region of Virginia.

Check Bob McDonnell for Governor website for more information about this plan.

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