Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Krystle!

Birthday greetings to fellow blogger Krystle over at Crystal Clear Conservative. She is a hard-working blogger, conservative, and fun to be around as we cross paths at Republican events throughout the year.
Krystle participated with Bloggers Row at the RPV Convention in May but I especially remember her at last year's RPV Advance sitting in the back of the ballroom at the Homestead during the attorney general debate. Since no bloggers row had been set up, four of us improvised around a table with water pitchers and glasses ... Shaun and Jason Kenney, Krystle, and myself. Krystle balanced her laptop on her lap as she live-blogged the event while fellow bloggers Chuck Young from the Virginian Federalist and Alton Foley listened to the candidates.
Here's hoping it's the best birthday you've ever had ... and for many more. Happy Birthday, Krystle!

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Crystal Clear Conservative said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!