Wednesday, August 19, 2009

America Online (AOL) supports McDonnell

At least my money is going toward my candidate with the endorsement of America Online for Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.

As reported in the Loudoun Times:
Another big campaign donation loss for Deeds was that of AOL, based in Sterling. AOL has earned the top spot in Loudoun for donation size in many recent races. The company was Brian Moran's top Loudoun donor with $14,500 in 2009, and Kaine's in 2005 with a $10,000 donation. And now it's McDonnell's top Loudoun donor with a $30,670 donation.

A spokeswoman for AOL said that although it supported Deeds during his 2005 bid against McDonnell for the state attorney general seat, it went with the Republican this time.

“AOL supports advocates of Virginia's technology community regardless of political party,” the spokeswoman said.
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Bob McDonnell for Governor 2009

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