Sunday, August 23, 2009

Looking for conservative writers

There are many extremely talented conservative writers in the Virginia blogosphere so here's your opportunity to have your voice heard:
A Call for Pens from Liberty Features Syndicate

Americans for Limited Government's Liberty Features Syndicate (LFS) is looking for new highly motivated guest writers. Newly selected writers will get a chance to join a very talented writers group and our award-winning cartoonist William Warren at having their work published in everything from national and local newspapers.

All you have to do is submit a written column or op-ed, no more than 600 words, to with a brief bio about yourself. The editors at LFS will help each writer make sure that the piece is compatible and effective for newspaper publication.

While most syndicates have big names like Pat Buchanan or George Will, here at Liberty Features Syndicate we believe that every center-right American has a voice that is being ignored by the mainstream.
So sharpen your pencil ... er ... belly up to the keyboard and go for it.

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