Sunday, August 23, 2009

If the Bush Administration Had Done It's editorial earlier this week hit the nail on the head. "If the Bush Administration Had Done It" gets to the crux of what is happening right now:
Editorial: If the Bush Administration Had Done It

“If the Bush Administration had done it, there would be national outrage.”

This phrase seems to be thrown about a lot recently with regard to the new administration and its ever-deepening slough of gross misconduct. Whether it’s Obama asking people to snitch on their neighbors to “”, mocking the Special Olympics on prime time television, or issuing an ill-founded DHS memo targeting “disgruntled veterans” as possible terrorists, the president and his lieutenants have gotten away with record scandal in record time.

In fact, Barack Obama has received a pass from the Mainstream Media “Obamatons” the likes of which George W. Bush and his predecessors never would even have dreamed possible.

Well, one can now modify the aforementioned statement and likewise conjecture: “If Karl Rove had done it…”

In brief, David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, is up to his neck in corruption, which, not surprisingly, has been largely ignored by liberal news outlets—i.e., the Obamatons en masse. As Kenneth P. Vogel of Politico reports, AKPD Message and Media, a firm founded by Mr. Axelrod that currently employs his son, was awarded a significant $24 million advertising contract by Obama Administration allies in the Healthcare Reform debate. Conveniently enough, AKPD also owes Mr. Axelrod $2 million in severance dollars.

AKPD and another firm were contracted by a coalition of liberal groups and other entities—among them PhRMA—to produce and air two separate $12 million ad campaigns designed to bolster support for Barack Obama’s government-run healthcare plan. Mr. Axelrod’s close ties to both AKPD and the groups pushing Obama-care is raising a lot of eyebrows.

One of those miffed is House Republican Conference spokesman Matt Loyd, who had the following to say regarding the situation:
“Let me get this straight: Out of all the firms Pharma could choose to do their media work, they choose David Axelrod’s firm, which still maintains Axelrod’s son on the payroll and owes Axelrod himself $2 million. How can the public be assured that David Axelrod isn't influenced by any of this in the course of the health care debate? For an administration that promised 'change' and to be above even an appearance of impropriety this does not even come close to passing the smell test.”
If Karl Rove had done something like this, at least one head would have rolled—his—and possibly more. And, as Mr. Vogel reports:
“On his first day in office, Obama unveiled a strict ethics policy barring officials from working on issues ‘directly and substantially related’ to their former clients or employers for two years.”
Apparently, that strict injunction did not apply to the man who put Obama in office and carries his water on a daily basis.

Corruption, ethics—and boldfaced lies—notwithstanding, the hypocrisy regarding the Obama regime’s view of America’s healthcare system and the “moral imperative” they so proudly proclaim is this Administration’s most egregious sin.

On one hand, Mr. Obama and other Democrats in Washington argue passionately that America’s health care industry is no place for the greedy pursuit of profits. Morality dictates that people come before profits, they continually intone. Meanwhile, David Axelrod has no qualms about pocketing a few million bucks through his “directly and substantially related” ties to his own advertising firm.
Karl Rove may have been the architect, but David Axelrod is clearly the engineer—engineering corruption and hypocrisy in the nation’s highest office while smarmily proclaiming his personal piety.

Have these people no shame?

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