Sunday, August 23, 2009

"It was the other guy's fault"

Barack Obama and Democrats cannot seem to take responsibility for poor choices in governing ... and so "Bush Derangement Syndrome" continues in which they are busy pointing fingers at their predecessors in the Bush White House.

Tim and Alissa Birkel take up the subject in David Horowitz's Newsreal:
Unfortunately, it seems that the reports of a cure for Bush Derangement Syndrome have been premature. Either that, or Paul Begala hasn’t gotten his shots yet. On last night’s episode of Anderson Cooper 360, during a news story on the government’s new estimates adding another $2 trillion to the national deficit, Begala agreed that Obama is up a creek with no paddle in regards to the deficit.
Paul Begala blamed former President George W. Bush for the deficit ... but not so fast there, Mr. Begala.
Contrary to leftists groupthink, George W. Bush’s tax cuts led to an increase in tax revenues and a decreasing of the deficit from 2003 to 2007.
After putting forth facts ... as opposed to liberal rant ... the Birkels conclude:
Not that hypocrisy has ever been a stranger to the left, but it is becoming clearer and clearer to the American people just how near and dear to the hearts of leftists hypocrisy can be. When Bush was in office, that was somehow long enough for him to cause a recession, but after that same amount of time, Obama still gets a pass and gets to blame everything on his predecessor.

Sorry, but Obama owns the deficits, and he must answer for them. And that means calling him to account when his expansion of government threatens to take prosperity and freedom from all of us, in favor of more government shackles. As for Bush Derangement Syndrome, Mr. Begala and others might be best served to take their own favorite words of advice – Move On.
Facts ... they are stubborn things that liberals like to overlook when it suits their purposes. Blaming the other guy is not going to remove the responsibility that now lies with the Democrats who have a governing lock on D.C.

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