Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Valley filing "missing person" report on Mark Warner?

While Republican Bob McDonnell spent the morning in historic downtown Staunton, Waynesboro Dem chairman Chris Graham laments about the missing Deeds campaign in the Valley and talks about how much Mark Warner has been in the Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta County area over the years since 2001.

True enough ... the man seems to be in the vicinity quite often ... riding his bike, appearing at the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, holding a townhall meeting at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel....

So my question is: Where is Sen. Mark Warner now? We need to talk with him about the nationalized health care bill currently before Congress. The SWAC area would like to have the opportunity to attend a townhall meeting with Mark Warner and ask the questions that are bothering so many.

Where is Mark Warner?

Update: The Richmond Tea Party folks contacted Mark Warner's office to ask for a townhall meeting and were told they could meet with a staff person. Read the entire exchange here.

H/T to Bob K.

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Bill Dolack said...

Great minds think alike, apparently. Here's my version.