Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Hi ... from Times Square"

My son just texted, "Hi ... from Times Square."

It's 10:30 pm ... I texted back, "You're in the City that never sleeps. Enjoy!" I imagined him and his JMU friends exploring the Big Apple on their second adventure to NYC and the surrounding area.

But I also marveled at technology available to my 25-year-old son that was not available when I was his age. To just pull a phone out of your pocket and text a message to anyone, anywhere, still is a bit mind-boggling to this mom who grew up with old-school technology. How did we survive the days of phone booths and calling cards and reverse calls?

Meanwhile, New Jerseyites are showing Virginians around their stomping grounds in the middle of the night, a little different adventure than what they are used to in Harrisonburg and Staunton.

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Bill Dolack said...

Speaking as one of the ten people in the Western World who does not have a cell phone... yuck. I think someday history will look back and see the cell phone as the bane of 21st century civilization.

Give me a rotary dial phone that's plugged into the wall and I'll be happy.

If only.