Sunday, August 23, 2009

We remember as we march for our freedoms on 9/12

This will mark the eighth year since America was struck by the terrorism and horror of 9/11. Those images that have been removed of crashing airplanes, crumbling buildings, and terrorized citizens running through the streets of New York should be shown on national TV on a regular basis so that we ... will ... never ... forget.

The March on Washington takes place on 9/12.

A local SWAC family will be spending that weekend in Washington, DC, visiting Arlington Cemetery on 9/11 which, he told me, is an annual pilgrimage for them to honor and remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This family doesn't just show up on 9/11 ... they have been instrumental in providing supplies for active military members still fighting for our freedoms.

Those freedoms are under assault from Barack Obama and Democrats who want more and more government control.

What better way to honor our fallen heroes and our active military men and women around the world than to spend the day on September 12 joining thousands of other Americans in the March on Washington in support of less government control over our freedoms?

My friend said we would meet on the Washington Mall on September 12 ... maybe in the spirit of the event instead of in person since thousands are expected to be there ... but imagine the impact of such an event.

Perhaps a conservative Woodstock?

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