Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blackfive ... "The Blog of War"

We spent last week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, enjoying a glorious week on Hatteras with the kids and their friends, kicking back and enjoying sea, sand, surf, and sunshine.

SWAC Husband, a Vietnam era veteran who spends his spare time reading military books, read The Blog of War by former Paratrooper and Army Officer Matthew Currier Burden aka Blackfive. When he began to tell me about how good it was, I told him Blackfive was on my blogroll which surprised him. He had nothing but praise for the book.

Blackfive ... still writing about the troops. Here's a tip of our hats to him on this Memorial Day weekend for his service to our country ... thank you and God bless.

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Cargosquid said...

Matt is also running for office, putting his money where his mouth is.