Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Lost" is lost on me

As my family sits glued to Sunday night's series finale of ABC's "Lost," I'm busy with other things around the house. The show is winding up after six years of strange and bizarre shows that have left my family puzzling over this event or that person or something else that made no sense to me (and sometimes them) as I overheard the discussions.

Polar bears, black smoke, plane crash, island inhabitants, flashbacks, clashes, weeks with no new episodes ... it was amazing the twists and turns the writers came up with and the patience of fans who dealt with a strange program schedule.

I suppose I was fortunate not to get sucked in. My time was filled with working political campaigns and meetings and I often was not home when the show came on. The more I heard about it, the happier I was to have not gotten hooked.

So my family sits glued to the last episode tonight along with millions of others who gathered hoping to have hanging plots explained and everything tied up into a nice little closure package. Let's hope that happens for those who spent the last six years tuning in and staying faithful.

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