Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama administration's war on salt ... and just about everything else you like

Salt. It makes food taste good. If you don't think so, try some unsalted popcorn. Bland, huh?

We've all been warned over the years to watch our salt intake. Warning issued ... it's up to the consumer to make the choice whether to listen or not.

Or is it?

If the Obama administration has its way, there will be no more individual choice about salt but, rather, a mandate passed on to food producers to cut it out.

Have you noticed how Obama and his legion of czars want to mandate, regulate, legislate, and make demands on just about every aspect of your life? This is the nanny state, "we will take care of you"-thinking bunch that is determined to make Americans into a bunch of wimps.

"Be sure to wear your sunscreen in the shower" ... "Don't forget your helmet while sleeping."

I know ... those aren't rules ... yet. Give them time. We're getting there.

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