Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sarah Palin to join Glenn Beck on 8/28 at Lincoln Memorial

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck announced on this morning's Glenn Beck radio show that she will be joining him on August 28, 2010, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, to honor our troops.

There will be much more coming out about those who will take part in this calling of conservatives to Washington....

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Oh Crap said...

Well, that's a shame because Palin went all out in (rightly) chastising Helen Thomas for her anti-Semitic statements.

Not even a week later, Beck starts reading from Elizabeth Dilling, one of America's worst anti-Semitic writers, up there with Eustace Mullins and Henry Ford.

You can hear a pin drop from Palin or anyone else supposedly "pro-Israel" on this. How utterly typical.