Sunday, May 16, 2010

Women wear $1,500 worth of clothes & jewelery daily? Not at my house!

A new survey in Britain has determined that women wear $1,500 worth of clothes and jewelery each day, and it goes on to break it down into cost for each item.

That doesn't hold true at my house where we shop sales and bargains and rarely buy at full price. The article challenges readers to list what they're wearing right now.

I'll take that challenge as I sit at the computer looking outside at fantastic scenery. If I included the scenery, it would be $1 million plus for my outfit.

But if we're just listing clothing, everything I'm wearing was on sale and it would be a paltry $10 for white pants, $12 for a yellow cotton blouse, $10 for espadrilles, and less than $20 for a Timex watch. Okay, if you include the diamond engagement ring, 2 gold wedding bands (I wear my grandmother's wedding band along with mine), and high school ring, it would up the cost ... but I don't think that counts.

Total clothing on me including watch: less than $50. That's a long way from what their survey suggested the average woman wears.

What are you wearing? I would love to hear in the comments.


Joy Jackson said...

OK,I'm going to use what I wore to church this morning. I always wear a pair of diamond stud earrings that Greg got me for our 10th wedding anniversary, but I don't know how much they cost. Also another pair of earrings that might have cost $30. I also have a wedding band and diamond engagement ring, but, like you, I won't count them. I don't think I have any idea how much they cost anymore. I have another gold ring that cost $100. Pants were $25, shirt was $19, shoes were on sale for I think less than $20(did cost $55). I noticed you didn't include underwear, but my total there would be $26. So that's a long way from that $1500. Those were my nice clothes. Usually it's Target sale clothes on an ordinary day.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Thanks for doing the inventory, Joy. I'm like you ... it's usually something down-to-earth and many of my clothes come from Kohl's sales.

Crystal Clear Conservative said...

I would estimate between the Ann Taylor skirt ($25...on sale), cardigan sweater, tank top from Aeropostale ($3...clearance), and my gold Nine West Stilettos ($59). I probably say my wardrobe ranges anywhere between $50-$150 on a given day.

I can't see how any woman is wearing approximately $1500, unless she is extremely wealthy or wasteful with her money.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

And you're a stylish dresser, too, Krystle, always looking good! Plus you're a working girl but you prove that $1,500 is still a lot of clothing and accessories.... Thanks for doing the inventory. :)