Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Equal opportunity bashing

When U.S. President Barack Obama joins forces with Mexican President Calderon to equally bash Arizona, a part of the United States, there's trouble in paradise.

Lesson #1 for President Obama: A united front wins most often over a divided front.

Lesson #2 for President Obama: Do not air your dirty laundry with other countries.

Question: Where does Mexico come off telling the U.S. anything about immigration with all their human rights violations?

We can squabble all we want among ourselves within our own borders ... but when it comes to another country, we should stand united. That's a lesson I learned as a child and again as an adult.

Oh, and another thing for Obama ... be sure of what you're talking about before opening your mouth. He has the Arizona law wrong ... could someone read it to him?

Barack Obama needs to learn how to be a leader, not a partisan divider.


Joy Jackson said...

Go, Lynn, go!!!

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Weak leaders do not inspire others ... bashing one's own army does not inspire confidence ... trust is lost when there is criticism within the ranks. Democrats need to stop the circular firing squad.

Bottom line: We're all Americans.

Joy Jackson said...

I like that - a circular firing squad. That's a new one to me and it certainly gets the point across. Yes, our Commander-in-Chief is the not in command. I just keep praying that God will deliver us.

Bob K. said...

I'm so fed up with all the Arizona bashing done in ignorance... and to impress Calderon, no less, I think I'll go out and buy some Arizona Tea!!!

[Yes, I KNOW where it's really made but if Obama can do style over substance, so can I!]