Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outer Banks offer world-class surfing

Paddle surfers hunt for the right wave at Cape Hatteras, within sight of the famous lighthouse. Stand up surfing (SUP), an ancient form of Hawaiian surfing known as Hoe he'e nalu, is an emerging global sport.

You expect to find world-class surfing in Hawaii ... Northern California ... Baja Mexico ... Australia ... Tahiti. But the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

Surfers are always looking for perfect conditions and big waves, and in their list of the best, Talk Surfing included a location closer than most on the East Coast would expect:
Outer Banks, North Carolina, U.S.A. Outer Banks is generally considered to be the best surfing location on the East Coast of America. The largest swells of the year generally take place during North Carolina's hurricane season, between August and November. Hatteras Island and Coquina Beach are amongst the most popular spots. The water is chilly, to say the least, and you will definitely need a wet-suit. You should also be wary of the rip tides which are common along most of the coast.
The Outer Banks are included with heavy hitters such as Maverick's at Half Moon Bay in Northern California; Pipeline, Northern Oahu, Hawaii; Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico; Jaws, Maui, Hawaii; Teahupo's, Tahiti, French Polynesia; The Wedge, Newport Beach, California; Kirra Point, Queensland, Australia; and, Cribbar, Newquay, UK.

Check out this video ... Riding an Outer Banks Barrel from the Inside Out (h/t to Stand Up Paddle Surfing blog).

Paddle surfers were seen Wednesday in the waters off Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks near the former sight of the famous lighthouse. Surfers along Hatteras are a frequent sight and will become more so next week when Memorial Day signals the offical start of summer.

Photo by SWAC Girl
Lynn Mitchell
May 2010

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