Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home schoolers ... raising a responsible generation

As a 16-year home school veteran who taught two children through high school graduation, I know a thing or two about home schooling.

My observation of most home schooling families has been a sense of raising a responsible generation that is held accountable for learning, working, and respecting their God and country. Home schoolers generally are more patriotic and more involved in the voting process, whether it's privately or publicly. Future conservative leadership will come from their ranks.

A friend who shared the home school journey, Bob at The Journey, warns of the dangers of universal/global control over Americans. Parents may no longer be allowed to raise their children as they see fit ... they would be held accountable to the world power that is advanced by Barack Obama and liberals who want America to become like Europe. You know, the Europe that is now failing in health care and finance, and whose standard of living is behind the U.S.

These are unsettled times ... being asleep at the wheel is dangerous and no longer acceptable.

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