Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sand in my shoes

This morning's sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean at Kitty Hawk.
Photo by Fishersville Mike.

I put on my espadrilles today for the first time since returning from the Outer Banks ... and they were still sandy from my time at the beach. Memories flooded my mind as I debated whether to shake out the sand ... or leave it there to remember climbing sand dunes and dodging waves.

I left it.

Fishersville Mike woke up at the beach today for the long weekend. Sunrise was at 5:48 this morning ... just a week ago it was shortly after 6:00 a.m. Summer is fast approaching.

Life is moving so fast I've not had time to post many photos from our OBX time. Since we're home for the weekend, maybe I'll find time even as others travel for the holiday.

I loved my time at the beach ... but I'm a Mountain Girl at heart. It's nice to be back in the shadow of the Blue Ridge and Appalachians....

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