Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lake effect snow makes its way to Augusta

As Augusta County supervisors walked outdoors after their meeting Wednesday night, snow was falling in Verona.

In the sub-freezing temperatures, it quickly began accumulating.

Driving home, roads were snow-covered, and much of my drive had no tracks from previous vehicles. When I turned onto my street at 10:30, it was completely covered as heavy snow fell. What a beautiful winter wonderland on a night that saw temperatures drop into the teens.

 Last night looking at the lamp post ...

 ... and this morning.

 With an overnight low of 17 degrees and blustery winds that make it feel more like 11, it's frigid outside on this wintry sunny morning. Augusta County public schools are closed as well as Grace Christian, Stuart Hall, and Montessori; many other locations including Blue Ridge Community College are on a two-hour delay. Check NBC-29 for more closings and weather updates.

Photos by Lynn R. Mitchell
January 23, 2013

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