Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hillary's in t-r-o-u-b-l-e

Hillary's polling numbers in Iowa are falling. In a just-released ABC poll, she has slipped behind Obama who has 30%, Hillary is at 26%, and John Edwards is at 22%.

Some of the MSM's reaction:

Good Morning America's ROBIN ROBERTS to George Stephanopoulos: "Along with Obama's lead, the ABC News poll shows some troubling results when it comes to honesty with Senator Clinton. Only 50% of those polled say she's willing to say what she really thinks, and when asked who was most trustworthy, Obama beats her two-to-one. So what is it they don't think she's being honest about?"

STEPHANOPOULOS:A whole lot of things, Robin. Remember two weeks ago there was this debate where Hillary had some trouble answering those questions on whether or not she would give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Ever since then, her opponents, both Barack Obama and John Edwards, have been driving this issue of honesty and trustworthiness on every issue. They say that Senator Clinton is not saying that she thinks about Social Security, is not saying what she thinks about what she would dune in Iran or Iraq and it’s starting to take a toll about Senator Clinton now in Iowa.

On Hardball ... Washington Post's CHRIS CILLIZZA: I think everyone's going to see this tomorrow and think, wow, Barack Obama 30, Hillary Clinton 26. Now, pollsters will tell you, well, the statistical margin of error, not all that much has changed: baloney. This race is about perception, and if people perceive Barack Obama as surging, that is very important. Remember, the biggest argument in Hillary Clinton's favor is that she is inevitable, that she's going to win this nomination no matter what. Well, when polling starts to come out that shows Barack Obama ahead of her, that argument really goes to pieces.

MAJOR GARRETT: Here are the poll numbers from Iowa. For the very first time, Barack Obama now leads in the state, 30% for Barack Obama, 26% for Hillary Clinton.

MATT LAUER: Barack Obama at 30%. Hillary Clinton 26.

CAROL COSTELLO: Barack Obama with 30% support and Hillary Clinton with 26%, in the make-or-break state of Iowa.

WILLIE GEIST: Barack Obama has a slim lead, 30%, Hillary Clinton at 26.

CHRIS CILLIZZA: Wow, Barack Obama 30, Hillary Clinton 26.
Once someone in the media, namely Tim Russert, took the time to peel back the layers and ask the tough follow-up questions, Hillary started exposing her weaknesses. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, her candidacy has been a house of cards.

Now is the time for the tough questions from the MSM ... and it's time for answers from Mrs. Clinton. It is time to release the records from the Clinton library that they are playing coy with, it is time to truly examine her record including her health care innitiatives during the Clinton administration -- what was her record of accomplishment during that time?

And while they are at it, the media may want to dig a little more into Whitewater and the Rose law firm papers that disappeared and were later found at the White House concerning Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, and Travelgate when White House travel office employees were fired by the Clintons without reason and Billy Dale was falsely accused and sent to trial (after working at the White House for 30 years and eight presidents). There are many questions in the background of the Clintons ... if the media would follow up and do their jobs as much as they do when going after a Republican candidate.


Spank That Donkey said...

Further repudiation of Bill and Hillary Clinton... as individuals and a team

Anonymous said...

I am quite concern because I believe Hillary is really the only candidate that would have made sure that every individual had health care. Everyone has a right for healthcare. Edwards and Obama will not follow through on their promises concerning health care.

Once she got her health care bill passed I was hoping she would also provide transportation for everyone that needed it. There are individuals in this country that do not own a car. How are they suppose to get their children to the doctor or to school?