Friday, November 30, 2007

The Republican Advance: Networking with bloggers

Tonight as we visited hospitality suites at the Republican Advance I met fellow ODBA blogger Greg Letique from Black Velvet Bruce Li. The group consisted of another ODBA blogger Shaun Kenney. There was a rumor Ben Tribbett was somewhere on the premises but we never saw him ... however, I kept running into GOP Hokie of Elephant Ears.

The suites were crowded as well wishers stopped by to speak to Bob McDonnell (his wife, Maureen, was once a Redskins cheerleader so veteran and current cheerleaders made it a popular stop for the evening). Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore was spotted there.

Bill Bolling's suite was crowded with many familiar faces. Randy Marcus was spotted as he talked with someone in the middle of the crowd, and it was difficult to squeeze in the room.

Chris Saxman's suite was packed, notabaly, with young people. Lapel stickers saying, "Chris Saxman ... A New Day In Virginia" were being worn by many. Del. Saxman's 2001 campaign manager Dave Rexrode was there ... could he be pulled back into action for his former boss? Del. Saxman's wife, Michele, and his four children were there, too.

Governor Jim Gilmore will have a hospitality suite Saturday night. He was spotted tonight as the reception was going on.

Tim Phillips from Americans For Prosperity and consultant Phil Cox were seen ... RPV staff mixed with party-goers ... I ran into Andrew Vehorn, one of the young staffers from previous campaigns, along with his new bride ... also talked with Jarrett Ray, President of the College Republicans....

There were so many familiar faces that I cannot remember them all. It was fun but breakfast will come early with a busy day tomorrow. More then....

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