Monday, November 26, 2007

Sour grapes ... poor losers ... will they never get over it?

Most of us were taught as children to be graceful losers. It is scary when adults act like kindergartners where politics are concerned.

From Rick Howell's blog:

Gore has audience with the man he beat:

Should-have-been President Al Gore was at the White House Monday with the wretched George W. Bush, as the White House' current occupant hosted Nobel Prize winners.
That is pathetic. Seven years later ... and this man cannot get over it.

Read my lips: George W. Bush won the 2000 election and, even though the dems pulled shenanigans and held off the announcement a day (thus depriving the President's supporters of celebrating election night), he won again in 2004.

Get over it already.


Michael said...

Too bad more americans wanted Gore than Bush.

Electoral college saves the day.

People like to cling to hypotheticals, especially if they think it could be better with a different person in office.

Maybe if our country didn't have a corrupt president/administration who have involved us in a war with no end in sight people wouldn't be so upset. Forgive them for being upset about the state our country is in.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Michael, you have selective memory.

1) TV networks announce Gore wins election night 2000 while Florida panhandle polls are still open. Who knows how many votes were lost from that conservative area of the state? Not to mention the rest of the country....

2) There are still questions about military votes being discarded, votes that most certainly would have leaned more in President Bush's favor.

3) When you say "corrupt President and administration" you must be flashing back to the Clinton years.

4) War: 3,000 innocent lives were lost on 9/11. We went to war. But, first, the President addressed the Nation and he warned that we were in a war on terrorism that would last into the lives of our children and grandchildren. He said it would not be easy, it would not be short. Do you remember any of that?

It is the 30-second soundbite mentality of America that cannot understand a long drawn-out war against an enemy that wants to kill us and that is working against us even as we type.

I will not forgive short-sighted selfish people who are more concerned about what time the next football game is than the national security of our country.

And I will not forgive the pre-9/11 mentality of people like you who trash our country, thereby enabling the enemy who is closely watching for the cracks in our unity.

cafe de emporia said...

I DO hear that, SWAC Girl.