Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ken Cuccinelli's recount....

Senator Ken Cuccinelli's opponent has asked for a recount even though each of the 92 votes held up through a canvassing of the precincts. Sen. Cuccinelli has sent out the following request for volunteers to help with the recount:
Well, we figured she might do it, even though not one single error was found during the canvassing of the votes during the two days after election day… Janet Oleszek isn’t ready to let go. On Wednesday, she requested a recount.

Historically, recounts in Virginia – especially with electronic voting machines, such as we have in Fairfax – do not move many votes. In “Landslide” Bob McDonnell’s close race with Creigh Deeds, a total of 37 votes moved… statewide… out of almost 2 million cast. There are about 37,500 in our race…

Nonetheless, their only shot is to disqualify 92 absentee ballots that voted for us out of 712 (paper ballots only, early voting was done on machines). So, we will need your volunteer help and your financial help to finance fighting through this process. The process will probably get started the week after Thanksgiving with a Court hearing and we’ll contact you then for volunteer help. We’ll probably need 15 or 20 volunteers each day that the process is going on.

If you can donate to fight off this assault on our victory, please do so here. Thank you in advance for your help!

Just to prove that Murphy’s Law is alive and well, this is coming at the same time that we’re due to have our sixth baby. Timing is everything.
Blessings go to the Cuccinelli family in the impending birth of their child.

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