Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Larry Flynt attorney to defend adult store owner in Staunton

The fight against adult businesses in Staunton has now gone national.

The owner of After Hours adult store on Springhill Road has hired Paul Cambria, known for defending Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine fame, to go up against Staunton Commonwealth Attorney Ray Robertson.

The Staunton Misleader today writes:
If Staunton prosecutor Raymond C. Robertson was itching for a fight, it looks like he's going to get one.
I do not think Ray Robertson was itching for a fight but was, instead, following the law and trying to keep pornography out of the community.

In a 7-0 vote, Staunton City Council passed ordinances last week that would restrict the location of adult businesses in the city.

The Misleader continues:

In a push to rid Staunton of an adult business that opened Oct. 7 on Springhill Road, Robertson filed 24 obscenity charges on Nov. 1 against store owner Rick Krial and After Hours Video after undercover agents bought 12 movies from the establishment.
Now Krial has hired a porn industry defender out of Buffalo, NY, who has defended pornography on the national level.

This begs the question of whether someone other than Krial is bringing Cambria into this case because someone that big must cost a lot of money ... more money than a porn store owner could muster? Who, then, is willing to ante up the big bucks to make Staunton an example?

National media have contacted Citizens Task Force leaders for interviews in light of the fact this story has now gone national.

I admire Ray Robertson for sticking with his guns in this case. Those in the community should contact him to let him know they support him in his fight to keep Staunton and the Valley the family-friendly community we love.


Anonymous said...

Wow, an ADULT, goes into an ADULT store to buy and ADULT video and the ADULT establishment is charged for selling ADULT movies to an ADULT.

Dont you love freedom?

Maybe he should have bought an intelligent design text...

cafe de emporia said...

Robertson is a good man.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Anonymous, perhaps you would like to come out from behind your "anonymous" handle. Be proud in what you support.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

John, Ray Robertson has proven to be an honorable man who is standing up for the community he has represented and been a part of for over 30 years. He is, indeed, a good man who needs to feel the support of the community in this upcoming battle. Supporters should write letters to the editor or phone or email to let him know he has their backing and appreciation.

One thing's for sure: he won't be an anonymous Commonwealth's Attorney anymore!

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that Robertson is an honorable man and I really don't like the idea of this store in town, but it is here because of failure to have laws on the books to deal with these stores in place before it happens. Now we have prosecutions against this owner and he has called in his big gun friends to fight it. It is extremely hard to prosecute obscenity cases and I fear taxpayer money will be misused to go after a grandfathered business with that charge.