Monday, November 26, 2007

Trucker loses life in Shenandoah Mountain wreck

On the western edge of Augusta County at the Highland County line rises Shenandoah Mountain. Many travel Rt. 250 which climbs the mountain, crests at an overlook and historical Confederate Breastworks, then drops down into Highland on the western side.

Shortly before noon on Friday it claimed the life of 30-year-old Jarret Kyger whose tractor-trailer flipped over on the curvy road, closing it in both directions until the wreckage could be cleared. The cab was crushed, killing Mr. Kyger at the scene, but his two-year-old nephew, who was strapped in a child restraint seat, survived the wreck with only minor injuries.

The sharp curves of the road combined with speed may have played a role in the accident ... but the question is unknown as to whether he was driving too fast for mountaineous conditions or if his brakes failed or if some other unknown factor may have contributed to the accident.

A driver for J.E. Bazzle and Sons out of Broadway and owner/operator of J&L Transport for hauling of hay and cattle, Mr. Kyger was known as a hard worker as well as a friend to the Bazzle family. He lived in Mathias, West Virginia, but worked in Broadway so he would have traveled the mountain roads daily.

Mr. Kyger is survived by his wife and parents. A Tuesday funeral is planned.

His obituary can be found in the Harrisonburg Daily News Record.

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