Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From McCain VA Co-Chair Chris Saxman

Dear Friends,

Since securing the necessary votes to win the Republican presidential nomination on March 4, John McCain has continued to campaign across the country gathering new supporters, raising money, and taking his message to voters.

McCain’s experience and readiness to lead from day one, his expertise on national defense issues, his commitment to fiscal conservatism, and his willingness to tackle tough issues like entitlement and earmark reform is connecting with voters across the nation. Recent polls show McCain leading nationally against Clinton or Obama, winning in crucial swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and running strongly in New Jersey and California.

I expect the Democrat nominee to make a serious effort to contest Virginia and the McCain campaign is currently working on assembling a grassroots team to ensure Virginia remains in the Republican column this November. As co-chairman of the McCain campaign in Virginia, I am asking for your assistance with this effort.

An important part of spreading Senator McCain’s message is local party leaders keeping the McCain campaign informed of upcoming events in your area and what events you would like surrogate McCain speakers to attend. Please send me event listings and/or surrogate speaker requests as soon as possible and as they become available.

Additionally, many of you have requested bumper stickers, yard signs and other McCain materials for your local committees. Please send me those requests as well and I will make sure you receive those items as soon as they become available.

Thank you for your leadership, support, hard work, and enthusiasm. Please contact me as soon as possible with events details and your requests. This is an exciting time for our party and Virginia.

Together we will win in November!


Chris Saxman

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Great Job Chris !!!