Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thanks, Gideon at Red State, for recognition of the 116th Stonewall Brigade

What is victory worth to you?
As Theodore Roosevelt wrote during World War I,
“Fear God and take your own part!”

Gideon at Red State has an informative post about the anti-war $20 million push to stop John McCain and retreat/give up in Iraq, and he listed 10 things you could do to support the military. Check out all the ideas he offers in "Iraq Summer 2 - The Revenge: The Massive New Anti-War Effort And What You Can Do To Stop It".

Thanks for mentioning SWAC Girl's post on the Stonewall Brigade in suggestion # 6:
6. Organize a welcoming parade and dinner for your local troops when they return from Iraq or Afghanistan. Here’s a parade that one woman organized in Staunton, Virginia for a returning National Guard brigade.
Those guys gave so much for us ... welcoming them home was the least we could do for them.

Win the War

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