Monday, March 10, 2008

Pro-family candidate Jim Gilmore supported by prominent conservatives

Open letter from leading Virginia conservatives:

We are writing today to ask you to join us in enthusiastically supporting a strong, pro-family conservative for the United States Senate, Governor Jim Gilmore.

Over the years, Jim Gilmore has stood for the sanctity of life and the preservation of traditional family values time and time again.

As Governor, Jim Gilmore:
· Successfully sought and worked for passage of a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion and signed that bill into law

· Successfully sought and worked for passage of legislation banning the horrific partial-birth abortions in Virginia

· Successfully worked for legislation requiring parental notification for minors seeking abortion.

· Created the Virginia Abstinence Initiative and dramatically increased funding for adoption services

· Worked for and signed into law legislation banning human cloning

· Went to court to try to prevent the removal of a feeding tube and save the life of coma victim Hugh Finn

· Fought for - even putting his legacy and reputation on the line - tax and spending policies that favored Virginia families, not Virginia government.
Governor Jim Gilmore has continued working for Virginia's families, campaigning for the Marriage Amendment to the Virginia Constitution and against job-killing sales and income tax increases.

As our United States Senator, Jim Gilmore will continue to work for our shared values. He will fight to protect traditional marriage through an amendment to the Constitution and oppose attempts by the new Democrat majority to use our taxpayer's dollars to fund elective abortions.

Jim Gilmore will work tirelessly to make the pro-family, pro-job tax cuts permanent and will champion limits on the growth of spending which is robbing our children of their futures.

Jim Gilmore will work to restore some common sense to a federal government that wants to remove God from everything, yet allow almost anything else on network television.

Jim Gilmore will support judges who apply the law, not judges who want to write the law. Governor Jim Gilmore has a record that will motivate pro-family voters to turn out in this election.

And, importantly, Governor Jim Gilmore is the one candidate who can defeat Mark Warner in November.

Think about all of those issues we have mentioned above, and many others. What would a Senator Mark Warner do? Well, we need look no further than his record as a candidate and as a Governor.

Will Mark Warner support pro-life legislation when it comes time to vote?

Will Mark Warner support an amendment to the Constitution supporting traditional marriage?

Will Mark Warner vote for cutting taxes and spending to create jobs and help our families?

Will Mark Warner have the courage to stand up against the liberal leaders of the Democrat Party when it is the right thing to do?

We think you know the answer to those questions already. There is so much at stake in this election. Too much at stake not to unite - and unite now - behind the one conservative candidate with both a proven record and a chance to win.

That man is Governor Jim Gilmore. We have closed ranks behind him and ask you to join us and to invite others to do so. Now is the time to prepare for this important battle.

Can we count on you?

Yours for Life,

Trixie Averill
Western Vice Chairwoman

Helen Blackwell
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

Morton Blackwell
Republican Party National Committeeman

James Atticus Bowden
Former 1st Congressional District Republican Chairman

Linwood Cobb
7th Congressional District Republican Chairman

Patsy Drain
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

Louise D. Hartz
Former President, Virginia Society for Human Life

Rick Hendrix
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

Delegate Bill Janis
Virginia House of Delegates

Bill Kincaid
Longtime Pro-Life Activist

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter
Virginia House of Delegates

Laura Uzzell Logie
Longtime Pro-Life Activist

Senator Steve Martin
Senate of Virginia

Bobby May
Former Buchanan GOP Chair & Long Time Activist

Bruce Meyer
2nd Congressional District Republican Chairman

Lynn Mitchell
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

Senator Steve Newman
Senate of Virginia

Delegate Brenda Pogge
Virginia House of Delegates

Robert Stuber
Spotsylvania County Republican Chairman

Michael Thomas
First Vice Chair, Republican Party of Virginia

John Van Hoy
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

Michael Wade
3rd Congressional District Republican Chairman

Kristi Way
Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee

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