Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Politics 101: Communication

Communication: The transmission and exchange of ideas or information.

Communication is important in every aspect of life but especially important in politics. Phone calls, emails, blogs, newsletters ... they all offer opportunities to share information with one another.

Autumn 1999: There was no communication in the SWAC area. Pick up the local newspaper and see where George Allen had been at Wright's Dairy Rite yesterday. I wanted a way we could know ahead of time that he would be there.

Working on the Bush for President campaign, I started an e-newsletter as a way to disseminate information to the Bush supporters about local upcoming events, meetings, and candidate appearances. It grew over the years to include many Reublicans in the SWAC area.

Kurt Michael has been especially effective at communicating and being available to the grassroots, volunteers, and electeds throughout his years in leadership.

Will the candidates running against him for Augusta County GOP Chairman be as open and available to discuss issues as Kurt has been? It's an important part of leadership.

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