Monday, March 10, 2008

Jim Gilmore receives standing ovations from State Central

When Jim Gilmore was announced at Saturday's RPV State Central Committee meeting, the entire room rose to its feet to applaud for this Virginia leader.

Jim Gilmore ... former governor, attorney general, commonwealth attorney ... this man led Virginia through 9/11, chaired the Gilmore Commission on terrorism, and served in Army intelligence.

Governor Gilmore addressed the Central Committee with a positive "We-will-win!" attitude that was infectious and roused the crowd to applause and shouts of "Yes!" as he emphasized that Virginia WILL carry John McCain, Virginia WILL defeat Mark Warner, and Virginia WILL remain a red state.

After four statewide losses we need to get back on our feet ... and ways to do that are to help the campaigns, display bumper stickers, donate whatever you can -- no amount is too small -- and work the ground in your part of the state, he added. He stressed the need for a strong Republican leader to take on Mark Warner in the U.S. Senate race this fall, and said his campaign is well on its way with campaign workers in key locations statewide.

The Governor concluded by saying he has picked up key supporters nationwide, he has been raising money at fundraisers, and he stressed the importance of this race to the nation because of the Senate balance ... the need to keep Virginia from being represented by two Democrats.

He received another standing ovation after completing his remarks as many in the room recognized a leader who should go back into leadership as the next U.S. Senator from Virginia.

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