Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sen. Obenshain's bill cracks down on those who employ illegals

Working with the group Virginia Employers for Sensible Immigration Policy, Senator Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg) sponsored legislation that would "crack down on employers who have been convicted of hiring illegal immigrants," according to the Harrisonburg Daily News Record.

The bill applies to employers who have been convicted in federal court of a pattern of practice of willfully and deliberately employing illegal immigrants, Obenshain has said.

According to the proposed legislation, the state could revoke the employer’s business license for at least a year.

Obenshain developed the legislation in cooperation with Virginia Employers for Sensible Immigration Policy.

Supporters say the proposed legislation would help build a labor force of legal immigrants, something that leaders in the state’s agricultural industry say is needed.

Hobey Bauhan, president of the Virginia Poultry Federation, has said the coalition wants to promote a climate in Virginia that leads to a ready pool of legal immigrant workers. The federation is a member of the coalition.
The bill goes to the governor's desk to be signed but remarks he made earlier this year indicated he was in favor of the bill and would sign it.

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Anonymous said...

Of note this "Virginia Employers For Sensible Immigration Policy" is a collection of large business concerns that has steadfastly opposed any efforts to reduce unlawful employment of illegal aliens in Virginia. This bill, while a welcome step, is a false attempt at compromise by open borders advocates who know darned well that the federal prosecutions that trigger the penalties in this legislation pretty much never happen in Virginia. Of the few employers that have been hit this year employing illegal aliens, I don't think any were convicted under the section of the law cited in the legislation.

In Mark's defense, given the current makeup of the Senate, and especially the Senate Courts committee, I doubt anything else could have passed.

There's not a lot to celebrate here.

Greg Letiecq
Save The Old Dominion