Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's pastor said "God damn America"?

Barack Obama's pastor has been in the news the past week and I have not commented until now. But I have heard this passage over and over ... and it makes me cringe everytime. I have never heard my pastors over the years curse in church or rail against America, the greatest country in the world.

Jeremiah Wright has been described by Obama as his spiritual advisor, the man who helped him find Christ, the leader of his church for 20 years, the man who married him and his wife, the man who baptized his children. Wright associated with Louis Farrakhan. Wright blamed America for 9/11.



Anonymous said...

Yeah scary guy and Obama seems to have never heard one of these sermons in 20 years? Sure and I have some beach front property in Arizona to sell! Democrats get first bid.
McCain for president!

Anonymous said...

It appears that Obama will be the weaken candidate in November.

Your take SWAC Girl?