Sunday, March 16, 2008

Highland Maple Festival Part 3 ... south to Hot Springs

After checking out the Highland Maple Festival in Monterey, I decided to head south on Rt. 220 to Hot Springs in Bath County for a late lunch/early supper. I had not had my fill of the mountains and was enjoying the solidarity of the western part of the state so I followed the Jackson River that ran beside Rt. 220.
Hot Springs ... quaint village across from The Homestead. I stopped for lunch and enjoyed overlooking The Homestead while texting with the Waynesboro GOP Chairman about GOP stuff.
Dan Ingalls Overlook on the top of Warm Springs Mountain. This is looking east toward Augusta County. It was a beautiful day although the wind at the top of the mountain was stiff and cold. They are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow.
Cowpasture River along Rt. 39 heading home. All the rivers and streams in Bath and Highland were at capacity from rain and snow runoff. This stretch was so pretty that I had to get a photo.
Photo by SWAC Girl

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