Friday, March 28, 2008

I-64 sniper shooting affects SWAC area....

Update: Sniper suspect arrested

An Augusta County man was one of those shot by unidentified snipers early Thursday morning on I-64 in Albemarle County during what may have been a shooting rampage that spread to Waynesboro before the night was over. The DuPont Credit Union and a house in Waynesboro were both hit by gunfire during the night.

SWAC area athletic events were cancelled at the advice of school officials who said they had the safety of students and spectators in mind. Affected were Waynesboro and Augusta County schools including cancellation of soccer and tennis games.

The headlines in today's Waynesboro News Virginian shout "I-64 SHOOTINGS SPARK MASSIVE MANHUNT." The entire front page concentrates on the sniper story. With a total of two people and six vehicles struck by sniper fire, and a possibility of two gunmen involved, the Valley is a little unsettled waiting for police to round up suspects. Meanwhile, police have urged motorists to remain vigilant while driving on I-64.

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