Monday, June 01, 2009

Adnan Barqawi ... VA Tech Cadet Corps ... star of GOP Convention

Adnan Barqawi talks with SWAC Girl on Bloggers Row
Photo by Tom White of Virginia Right!

He won the hearts of Virginia Republicans Saturday ... this young man who graduated from Virginia Tech as a member of their Cadet Corps. He looked handsome in his uniform as he stood before thousands and relayed his story. He had the crowd on their feet over and over and over as thunderous applause greeted his welcomed words.

His name is Adnan Barqawi and he immigrated to the United States from Kuwait at the age of 17 to attend Virginia Tech. His story is remarkable ... he was a man without a country ... but he is now an American citizen.

Thanks to Rick Sincere, we have footage of Adnan's remarks ... Part 1 and Part 2. If you want to be inspired, give it a listen:

- Adnan thanked his role model and the "godfather" of the Republican Party Donald Huffman who was a cadet at Virginia Tech in the 1940s;
- Because he was a man without a country, his dad sold everything to move his family to the United States so his children could receive a higher education;
- Moved to Virginia after seeing an ad saying "Virginia is for lovers;"
- Chose Virginia Tech because of the gorgeous campus;
- Joined cadet corps after only two weeks in America;
- Believes those coming to America should embrace the culture, not expect the culture to embrace them;
- Became a Republican because they represented the beliefs he had.

As Adnan addressed the crowd at the Coliseum, I could see my parents, ages 81 and 82, in the Chesterfield County delegation directly opposite Bloggers Row. They were on their feet applauding because Adnan spoke what they believed.

Republican unity began in Richmond this past weekend ... and Adnan Barqawi showed that the quest for the American dream is not dead ... it is alive and well in the Republican Party.

Photo by Tom White
May 30, 2009


Anonymous said...

Adnan Barqawi is indeed an impressive young man with an outstanding story to tell.

I am sure that he would join me in requesting to refer to our alma mater as "Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University", "Virginia Tech" or simply "Tech".

There is no such thing as "Virginia Tech University" and all Virginians know this. Please correct this glaring error in your otherwise fine article.

Steve Maguigan, Class of 1973

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Mr. Maguigan, you are correct, of course, and it IS a glaring error to refer to Tech as a "University." Must have been thinking of UVA for a minute.... :)

My apologies for the faux pas ... it has been corrected. I know better because of my Class of 1948 step-dad. Thanks for the heads-up.

Go, Hokies!

--Lynn Mitchell (Chesterfield County, VA, born-and-raised)

Anonymous said...

Adnan’s words and story is similar to many Americans of Arab/Middle Eastern descent, as well as how they feel about America, how proud they are to be Americans and do jobs in defense of this great nation. My parent’s always told us growing up and till this day “You are in America, what is there to complain about!”

seth said...

if you'd been thinking of uva, that would be The University (other acceptable alternatives include: Mr. Jefferson's University or simply an ivy league education for a va tech price)