Monday, November 16, 2009

American Power's Donald Douglas tears into CBS News blogger

Heh! Don't mess with Donald! It's blogger wars ... and the MSM is feeling the pinch after Donald scorches them with When Some Bloggers Really Should Hang Up Their Keyboards.

CBS' Charles Cooper must have been trying to help Donald fulfil Stacy McCain's Rule #4 -- "make some enemies" -- when he specifically named American Power and Donald in his post ... and we all know the mainstream media enjoy (or stir up) controversy to help drive the news.

Donald fact-checks Mr. Cooper's post beginning with the misspelling of his last name:
Cooper misspells my name. I'm not sure why exactly, but my guess is that having checked my sidebar profile, with my picture there, Cooper noticed my black American background, and then inferred incorrectly that my last name must be spelled with a double "s". It's not an uncommon mistake, actually, because for some reason folks in the past have automatically assumed that I'm somehow related to Frederick Douglass. This mostly happens among people who've only listened to my name, not actually read it, so Cooper loses double points for poor reading comprehension. (I'll leave aside the question of whether the "Douglass" inference is a form of subtle racial profiling, although clearly to be black with that last name means you must be related to the great 19th century emancipator.)
It's a triple whammy ... Cooper also goes after the fact that Donald is a professor in leftist California, and wrongly attributes a quote on the blog to Donald. Read his entire post as he sets the record straight.

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