Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin strikes fear into liberal hearts

Tom White at Virginia Right nails it in his entire post about Sarah Palin and the power of someone not even in public office yet loved by so many. Witness her book tour where thousands are lining up to see her. The woman has a way of turning out people in a way not seen by many other politicians.

Tom writes:
Sarah Palin is not an elected official. She stepped down as Governor of Alaska. She is not running for any office. Yet she still strikes fear and sheer terror into the hearts of Democrats everywhere. So much terror that the left feels an overwhelming need to bash the woman at every opportunity. And as the liberal media has already proven, truth is optional when it comes to lashing out at Palin.
Meanwhile, Dick Morris repeated on Thursday's Greta Van Sustern show on Fox News what he said on Wednesday's Fox and Friends:
"You can teach anyone policy ... but you can't teach integrity, feistiness, and honesty, qualities held by Sarah Palin."
Tonight on Sean Hannity's All American Panel on Fox News, Dr. Carol Swain, a Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law from Vanderbilt University, defended Sarah Palin and said, "She has an ability to make people trust her. What you see is what you get, and that's refreshing."

The naysayers continue their negative spin against Sarah Palin which is, perhaps, continuing to make her a rising star and leader in the conservative movement in America.

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