Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Read my lips"

The Christmas commercials are rolling out and every year, just like the Super Bowl, there are some that stand out. I've written previously about the Wal-Mart Christmas commercial for our troops ... and now I'm seeing another one that is heart-warming at this heart-warming time of year.

Kay Jewelers has a Christmas commercial featuring a young man who is learning American sign language and a young lady who is hearing impaired. They are sitting under a Christmas tree and he tells her he learned a new sign ... "Merry Christmas" ... and then gives her a gold bracelet. When he asks if she likes it, she signs, "Read my lips," and kisses him. It's another for my 2009 stable of good Christmas ads ... and thank you to Kay Jewelers for using the word "Christmas" in this politically correct time in our history.

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