Sunday, November 15, 2009

Joe Wilson

The Staunton News Leader's Sunday editorial criticized Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) -- he of "You lie!" fame -- for helping fellow Republicans at fundraisers around the country.

Do they agree with Bill "Depends on what the meaning of is is" Clinton who acted inappropriatedly in the Oval Office as he goes around the country helping raise money for Democrats? Their criticism seems misplaced. They even said:
Joe Wilson's behavior in Congress on Sept. 9 was not only an embarrassment to his state, but also an embarrassment to this country.
Are they kidding? Of all the issues we are dealing with, that is the one they chose to zero in on?

An area resident saw the hypocrisy of the NL editorial and wrote a letter to the editor that may not be published so he sent it to me and I have printed it, with his permission:
Dear Editor:

I am not surprised at the naivete of the kool-aid drinking editorial board of the News-Leader. To express surprise at the attraction of Cong. Wilson for his shout out is to ignore the ire of the public generated by Obama's failure to be truthful with the American people.

His promise of transparency was the first lie. No reading of legislation, no posting of legislation and the appointment of unaccountable czars was plenty but then he followed up by proposing government-run healthcare instead of a program to insure the uninsured. Had he been "transparent" with that plan, he would still be a community organizer which appears to be the only job he is qualified for.

In less than a year, he has become the worst president in history and the only person smiling is Jimmy Carter, who no longer carries that distinction.

So I say to Cong. Wilson, "Well Done" and where do I send my check?

Emory Burleson
Staunton, VA 24401
Well said, and thank you Mr. Burleson.

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